IT Recruiting and Remote Workers

IT Recruiting and Remote Workers

Our focus is on technology talent. We match top talent with great employers. Innosphere-R (Recruiting) provides both local and remote resources. We have been building software for over 20 years, so we have insight into how to identify the best technology talent. If you are an employer you will receive an exceptional customer experience combined with a tiered pricing model that makes sense. If you are a job seeker you receive the same exceptional service but at no cost.

Innosphere-R recognizes the growing trend of remote workers in the information technology field. We have been providing remote resources to clients for over 15 years. We have developed the tools and processes to work remotely to achieve success.

The remote worker model is advantageous for both the employer and the employee. It allows the employer to have a much deeper talent pool to access and to hire qualified talent that would otherwise not be available. Benefits for employees are an improved work-life balance with the elimination of time consuming commutes and the ability to create their own work schedule. Let Innosphere introduce you to the remote worker model.

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