Security Training

Security Training

Employees are the weak link in any security program. Hackers will send your staff emails with malicious links.  If employees click the link their computer can become infected with ransomware, viruses, trojans or other malicious code. Any one of these can result in serious financial loss up to business closure, staff and/or system downtime as well as loss of reputation. It is currently estimated that up to 30% of users will click on links in emails. After a 12-month education and awareness program, this can be lowered to approximately 2%.

Innosphere’s staff training program will test your employees by sending emails, evaluating their responses and reporting results after each evaluation. Employees who follow or click any of the evaluation emails will be directed to further online training information to help raise awareness about how dangerous clicking unknown links can be to the organization. They will learn how to recognize malicious emails and steps on how to avoid clicking on links or responding to the email. 

Innosphere will take the effort out of managing your staff training program.

Our Process

1- We will meet with you to go over the program. Our goal will be to understand your industry, business and employee profiles to ensure we are able to provide highly relevant socially engineered campaigns. 

2- We will engage your users with a year long training campaign of carefully chosen simulated templates based on current threats as well as from the analysis of your business profile.

3- After each campaign we will provide you with a report of the user responses to the training simulation. Users who interact with the simulation in a negative way by clicking links or opening attachments will automatically signed up for additional online training on how to recognize malicious emails.

Benefits to your organization

Increased Security
Employee training simulation provides quantifiable results that can be measured. These measurements allow improvement to be identified and tracked  
With the post training reporting, key stakeholders can understand the security weaknesses. This reporting helps obtain executive management buy-in for current and future security initiatives. 
Improved Training Retention
Employees can receive training on what to do and what to avoid, but until an employee experiences it, their actions are unknown. After going through the simulations, employees understand the threat and are more security conscious.
Net Reduced Training Cost.  
By pinpointing employees who are more susceptible, such as via a Repeat Failures Report, additional training can be provided to those employees without the cost and burden to other employees. As the employees are more productive, there is increase funding to justify the other expenditures.
Why Choose Innosphere for your education program

Based on our experience managing training programs, we know what works and what doesn't to ensure your employees get the most effective training available using domain specific socially engineered methods

We offer in-person cyber security training to ensure your employees are as up-to-date as possible.

We will fully monitor and report on your program for the term of the training so you can focus on your specialty which is running your business.


Training program for your staff is 75.00 / user per year. Discounts for multi-year programs