Managed Teams

Developing software team solutions

We are experts in working within the context of your organization to help you make the right decisions and develop the correct software team solutions for your company.

Best of all, we do all of this remotely, freeing up your resources. We provide the space, software, phones and machines, cutting expenses and driving value.

Agile software development greatly benefits from the unique advantages only nearshore outsourcing can provide. Innosphere is a top nearshore managed team provider that brings partners in-depth operational experience combined with renowned consulting expertise. We help you improve key business functions and complete enterprise-level projects on the same (or similar) time zone, with the same language and business culture, and are only a short flight away.

Our fully customized solutions and IT resources include custom-built, remote-first teams that integrate into your business at whichever level you require.

Benefits of Innosphere Managed Teams

Agile software

With the unique advantage only nearshore outsourcing can provide.

In-depth operational experience

Combined with renowned consulting excellence and consistent, clear communication.

Fully customized solutions and IT resources

Remote-first teams that integrate into your business, at a level aligned with your requirements.

Quick Onboarding

Our onboarding process is extremely fast and efficient. Team integration can happen at any point in the product development lifecycle.

Significant savings

In addition to the value nearshore outsourcing yields, our rates reflect our operational efficiency.

Flexible Staffing and IT Recruitment services available

Our extensive database of top IT professionals is available to you, for full-time placements and contract workers, in addition to our Managed Teams services.

Full agile team

We can build a team that includes software engineers, scrum masters, business analysts, site reliability engineers, quality assurance analysts, UX\UI developers and more.

Resource management

We directly handle the day-to-day management and maintenance of each team member, allowing you to focus on what matters.

Monthly Agreements

Our agreements are monthly, providing more contract flexibility and freedom to our clients.

We’re located near the technology hub of Waterloo. Close enough to visit, far enough from the Toronto core to be more cost effective than the big city firms. Some may call it nearshoring, we like to think of it as neighbourly.

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